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Our goal is connecting you to the technological opportunities in our Central Florida community.

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We’re losing amazing people because the perception is that Orlando doesn’t have opportunities. We’ll never meet our potential until we convince these innovators to stay and invest in the growth of our companies and culture.

It’s important to cultivate a community that elevates Orlando’s status in the tech community. You don’t need to move to make a successful tech company or to get good work, you just need to grow talent locally.

Tech hubs like Silicon Valley didn’t spring up overnight, they were cultivated over years of startup companies growing in their areas. Orlando has that potential, and StartOrlando is a key in keeping our tech professionals at home.

There’s world class talent here in Orlando, you just have to look for it. Orlando companies can now look in their backyard before hiring from abroad. Save relocation costs and get employees from your community.

Recent News

Tech Job Growth is Expanding in Florida

According to the Dice Report, Florida ranks number two in the nation in tech job growth, just behind Texas. Thanks to the high number of new tech jobs added, Florida had a 5.64% increase in growth, adding almost as many new tech jobs in the first six months of 2014 as were added in all

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Trucks and Tech 3: Truckpocalypse

The third installment of Trucks and Tech takes over Lake Eola tonight. The theme is “Food Trucks. Tech. Zombified.” The event will feature, as one would imagine, several of Central Florida’s best food trucks, talks and demos of tech in Orlando, and a zombie theme that will carry over into a costume contest.

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Orlando was #5 in Job Growth in 2013

According to a study by the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University, Orlando has taken the number five slot job growth in the country, based on the latest report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Non-agricultural job growth was up 3.2% over 2012 stats. Orlando beat out Miami, which tied with

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